SureThing at Técnico Day

By Miguel Pardal / 24-05-2019 / In categories Blog

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SureThing at Técnico Day

Técnico Lisboa, one of the largest and most prestigious schools of engineering in Portugal, celebrated its 108th anniversary on May 23rd. It is a large event, where staff, faculty, current students and alumni and their families come together to celebrate the school history and learn about the latest research.

SureThing was present at the event with demos of the ongoing use case implementations and two posters. We demonstrated a smart home installation used to collect diverse device data using both Wi-Fi and Zigbee communication.

We also showed the STOP smart vehicle inspection app running in the inspector and transport modes, together with a video of a TV story for current vehicle inspections. STOP stands for Secure Transport lOcation Proofs.

The CROSS smart tourism app was available for installation on Android devices. CROSS stands for loCation pROof techniqueS for consumer mobile applicationS. Several attendees installed the app and did a small tour of the computer science buildings.

Overall, we got very positive feedback about the project use cases.