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The SureThing team is composed of members from INESC-ID and Instituto Superior Técnico.

Name Role Contact
Miguel L. Pardal Project Manager
Ricardo Chaves Project Manager
Samih Eisa Researcher with PhD
Lucas Vicente MSc Student
Ricardo Grade MSc Student
Rafael Figueiredo MSc Student
Tiago Fonseca MSc Student
João Soares MSc Student
Pedro Rosa PhD Student


Former team members:

Name Role
Miguel C. Francisco MSc Student
Pedro M. Carvalho MSc Student
Pedro F. Teixeira MSc Student
José A. Ferrão MSc Student
João R. P. Ferreira MSc
Diogo M. P. Calado MSc
Ricardo S. Miranda MSc
Gabriel A. Maia MSc
Henrique F. Santos MSc
Pedro E. Carmo MSc
Sheng Wang MSc
João M. Tiago MSc
João N. Costa MSc
Kevin B. Corrales MSc
Rui L. Claro PhD Student
Gonçalo E. Pires MSc Student