Aplicação CROSS em ação

By Ricardo Grade / 25-08-2022 / In categories Results


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Aplicação móvel CROSS em ação


Ricardo Grade



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There are many cities around the world with iconic sites such as viewpoints, museums and historical monuments. Nowadays, tourists turn to digital platforms to discover new places to explore. CROSS City is a smart tourism mobile application that enhances the users visiting experience by rewarding them for carrying out tourist routes. From a technical standpoint, CROSS City certifies the user location when visiting points of interest, resorting to location certification strategies, that take advantage of both the diversity of the existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure throughout the city, as well as the presence of other users on-site. This work extended the previous app prototype with a new peer-based location certification strategy. Moreover, gamification elements were added to further encourage user participation. This work was evaluated both in laboratory experiments and with users in a real-world scenario – a university campus tour – which demonstrated that the new peer-based strategy is both feasible and collusion-resilient.