Sensmart: Sensor Data Market for the Internet of Things

By Rui Claro / 13-11-2020 / In categories Results

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Sensmart: Sensor Data Market for the Internet of Things

Sensing-as-a-service, Internet of Things, Sensors, Data, Market


Ricardo Miranda, Miguel L. Pardal, António Grilo


ACM/SIGAPP 35th Symposium On Applied Computing (SAC) 2020.


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Resumo (em inglês)

Currently, there are millions of sensors connected to the Internet. These sensors gather various types of data, from temperature, humidity, sound and image, to location or biometrics, to name a few. These kinds of data can be very relevant for scientific or business purposes. However, there is no online platform or marketplace where it can be easily exchanged. In this work we design and implement Sensmart, a solution through which it is possible to purchase and sell sensor data. Suppliers share their devices or data and consumers can buy data or acquire control of a device over a period of time. Sensmart goes beyond data exchange, and provides the ability to control a sensing device, for example, a customer can position a camera or move a robot. The platform was tested and evaluated through use cases and the implemented solution allows customers to share sensor devices and the data in an effective way.