STOP: a location spoofing resistant vehicle inspection system

By Rui Claro / 06-11-2020 / In categories Results

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STOP: a location spoofing resistant vehicle inspection system

Mobilidade Inteligente, Transporte, Aplicações moveis, Prevenção de spoofing de localização, Provas de Localização


Henrique F. Santos, Rui L. Claro, Leonardo S. Rocha, Miguel L. Pardal


19ª Conferência Internacional sobre Redes Ad Hoc e Wireless (AdHoc-Now). Conferência online. 2020



Resumo (em inglês)

An effort is being made by authorities worldwide to improve the safety of the transportation of goods while preserving efficiency. Vehicle inspections are important for safety but not very frequent. When they do happen, vehicles are selected on the roadside and authorities spend a long time retrieving the relevant information while the vehicle is stopped. In this paper, we present and evaluate STOP, a road transportation vehicle inspection support system with tamper-proof records to prevent location spoofing attacks. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first such system described in literature. The STOP system uses mobile devices and a central server to allow authorities to select and notify vehicles for inspection while retrieving the needed information to prepare the procedure beforehand. The location chain for each vehicle can be verified and signed by the inspectors. We implemented a prototype in the Android platform and tested it with real users. We evaluated the system’s location retrieval accuracy, response times, and Bluetooth communication during inspection.