STOP: secure itinerary verification for smart vehicle inspections

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Paper in a peer-reviewed national conference

Operation STOP: secure itinerary verification for smart vehicle inspections

Smart vehicle inspections, Itinerary tracking, Mobile applications, Location proofs


Henrique F. Santos, Miguel L. Pardal


INForum. Guimarães, Portugal. 2019




A significant part of the transportation of commercial goods is done by road vehicles. Authorities need to conduct inspections on these vehicles to ensure compliance with laws, for example, to verify food safety and correct animal transportation. Most road transportation companies already collect detailed location and vehicle data of their fleet and are able to access it in near real-time. However, authorities do not have access to this data. Inspectors still use road-side stop operations to select vehicles. When a vehicle is inspected, the relevant information is retrieved from paper documents and is not automatically linked to existing information.

In this paper we present the security design and assessment of STOP, a system to improve the inspection of transportation vehicles using mobile devices and location proofs. A system prototype was implemented and evaluated with promising results for better vehicle inspections. The vehicle on-board mobile device reports its GPS location to authorities and, when ordered to stop, interacts with an inspector device to create evidence that the vehicle has been inspected. Additionally, inspectors are able to cross-check information regarding the vehicle and what it is carrying with their authority servers.