SPYKE: Security ProxY with Knowledge-based intrusion prEvention

By Rui Claro / 16-09-2019 / In categories Results

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Paper in a peer-reviewed national conference

SPYKE: Security ProxY with Knowledge-based intrusion prEvention

Intrusion Prevention System, Internet of Things, Spyware


Sheng Wang, Rui Claro, Miguel L. Pardal


INForum. Guimarães, Portugal. 2019




In the near future, the Internet of Things (IoT) will be a reality and there will be many sensors in our smart homes. These data sources will eventually upload data to the cloud. In this work we present SPYKE, a network intermediary that stands between IoT devices and the Internet, that provides visibility to which communications are taking place between devices and remote servers; and it also has the ability block and limit connections.

We evaluated SPYKE with respect to the performance and security. It has low performance overhead and is effective against a set of important attacks. SPYKE is available as an open source project and is deployable in inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardware like the Raspberry Pi.